The Curious Case of Lily Allen’s Horrible Stab At Satire.

Ah, Lily Allen. Everyone’s favorite pop ingenue recently released a new video “satirizing” the music industry and the internet is all a-buzz, mostly praise from mainstream feminist sites applauding her wit and edge, all the while neglecting the fact that she’s using black women as props. Fortunately for the rest of us, there’s still country for nuanced criticism. Here are a (HF approved) few:

Lily Allen is a popstar singing about how its “hard out here for a bitch” – in a hip-hop video? Why couldn’t she stick to her own genre and talk about inherent sexism in pop culture. Why? Probably because of the same virus that’s being going around for a long time, where white women just can’t help use bodies of women of colour as props. Gwen Stefani, Iggy Azalea, Miley Cyrus, the list goes on. – Susuana Antubam (via blackfems)

There is an incredibly valid critique to be made about hip hop culture and music videos which consistently demean black women, but to ignore her enormous privilege as a white woman and engage in exactly the same racist, degrading objectifying fuckery as Miley Cyrus (who this video was apparently at least partially a “dig” at) is disgusting to say the least.” – BlackinAsia

“But the video is…troublesome. I get this is making fun of Miley and the cultural appropriation and so forth. Certainly the song is making fun of the way women in pop are treated. But it’s still a white girl dancing with a bunch of black girls twerking. Yes, it’s supposed to be ironic. But I’m not sure it reads.” – Anibundel

“From Lorde to Macklemore, it’s a sentiment that’s galling for its popularity: white artists need to stop using the wealth signifiers of rap music to gesture at their self-important “anti-consumerism.” What Allen misses as she washes rims in a kitchen decorated only with bottles of champagne is that it’s not anti-consumerism when it only targets one type of consumer.” – Ayesha A. Siddiqi


  1. vieromero · November 13, 2013

    man…this stuff makes my head spin. it’s unbelievably prevalent…it’s interesting. and a shame.

  2. Carrie · November 13, 2013

    This is the response I simply had to send to this simple troll. It’s like these WGs are trying to prove to the white men in charge that they’re just as racist and oppressive and therefore deserve a seat at the white supremacy table. Why bring hip-hop up at all? Deal with your genre of music and the sick way you as woman are treated by your own people. She is invoking critique to disguise her request for inclusion.

    @lilyallen “Your music video reminded me of something that one should never forget: White feminists don’t want liberation for all women they want a cut of the plantation profits.”
    1)No one “called” for only Africans to be used in the slave trade at first either but somehow that’s how you Europeans worked it out eventually.
    2) You don’t ever “send away” your meal ticket especially when they are POC. Standard operating system for Imperialists scum.
    3) Feminism and race are linked and that is the only thing that is “clear”. Try reading a book or think about Black women standing on auction blocks for 300 years.
    4)A real critique of the “objectification of women in Pop culture” would have been to show that celluite does not diminish your own sense of beauty. You can’t protect your insecurities while disregarding mine and and not be criticized.
    5) Your right a smart racist would apologize and you’re a dumb one.
    6)Your cowardice and pettiness reaches new heights when you seek to hide behind people who you paid for the use of their bodies. You should be ashamed to subject your employees to any of the criticism that you rightly deserve. You are not a strong woman and You Do Not Speak For Me. #solidarityisforwhitewomen

  3. Inda Lauryn · November 14, 2013

    Reblogged this on Corner Store Press.

  4. Freditations · November 14, 2013

    I appreciate this post and the message it sends to those who seem oblivious to the constant exploitation of black bodies, especially the bodies of our black mothers, sisters and daughters, by MSM and society at large. TY hoodfeminism

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  8. msbehlor · November 17, 2013

    I hate white artists putting on their special “hip-hop” panties … I’m against whites mucking up the hip-hop culture, and I have no apologies for my beliefs … if I want to listen to a white singer, I want them to be as white as possible — Sarah MacLachlan, PJ Harvey, classical and opera … screw Lily, Miss Lorde, the closeted Ben Haggerty, and the revolting Iggy … Behlor

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