Why I Stopped Identifying With White Feminism

There’s something amazing about white feminist who are willing to do their own heavy lifting.


(Inspired by @SamAmbreen’s post here: We will not let white feminism divide and conquer us)

Today I’ve been talking with @HadleyFreeman about a series of posts she made to @JudeinLondon earlier in the day. Short story: Freeman wrote a problematic article, Jude discussed it on Twitter without linking to Freeman, someone emailed Freeman about Jude’s response and Freeman demanded, repeatedly, that Jude take the discussion offline. In my opinion, she abused her platform and privilege. She called Jude’s preemptive blocking of her account “childish” when it was an act of self care. Eventually, she used the same tone policing on me and I believe she has blocked my account, although I fully admit to blocking her and not checking back. Maybe later. It was yet another example of why I don’t belong in White feminism and why many other white feminists feel the same way. Today, @SamAmbreen asked for…

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  1. xel · February 26, 2014

    I 100% agree with Mikki on this one! White feminism is a JOKE where white women just talk about their victimhood.

    Actually, Meghan Murphy wrote a VERY, VERY white feminist post about Flavia’s article: http://feministcurrent.com/8629/my-feminism-will-reject-misogynist-screeds-or-it-will-be-bullshit/#comments

    The most ridiculous conversation takes place in the comments where woc are trying to discuss white feminism, and they keep having to deal with racist shit.

    Within the comments, one of the commentators named “Latte” keeps referring to woc feminists as “thugs.” I kid you not. She keeps telling woc to go make their “own” blogs [as if we don’t already!] She said, “Let’s get back to the thugs who came here to beat up on Meghan who has it oh sooooo much easier than they do. And by the way, in response to a comment I read elsewhere here, answering politely and intelligently doesn’t work with thugs. They aren’t here for dialogue.”

    Yes…white feminism at it’s finest. Woc critics are just “thugs.” [Btw, Meghan has to approve each comment that goes up, and she approved that one]

  2. Sara Green Williams · February 26, 2014

    Thank you for sharing – I am new to your circle and am reading where and when I can. This was very informative and I learned several new things on my bus ride this morning that helped give words to vague ideas and concepts that have been on the edge of my mind and often wondered about. Much appreciated.

  3. KJ8 · February 26, 2014

    I had a whole rant but realized it’s in response to @SamAmbreen’s original and would seem out of place here. I can only ask a (rhetorical) question that may have more to do with my inability to suss out Twitter and its etiquette than anything else: In the UK a DOCC was started last year, and it was supposed to get women to start adding to Wikipedia, etc.
    Where are the DOCCs in the US that could prevent people from being left to swim against the Twitter tide by themselves?

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