Why the government shutdown is a feminist issue.

When the clock struck midnight on Capitol Hill, nearly 9 million mothers and children were left to fend for themselves, their WIC support suspended. Since there was no approval for additional funding, the 53% of American infants and 25% of expectant mothers currently covered by the program will stop receiving clinical care and food benefits in the next week or so, unless the states can pony up. (SPOILER ALERT: Most of them can’t.)

And with women making up 44% of federal employees, this infographic (courtesy of WaPo) illustrates how many could be left in dire financial straits as the shutdown continues.

People in need of emergency assistance won’t be able to rely on TANF, either. (h/t @AmandaMichelle)


We’ll start posting whatever information and resources we stumble across here.

Feeding America has a few ways to give.

Or check out Catholic Charities.

Or this national food bank directory.

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics can help you find a clinic in your area. And they’re in need donations and volunteers.



  1. and the shriver center just let us know that TANF also didn’t get reauthorized: http://t.co/f609GMtL8Y

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