HF around the web, Renisha McBride, and other matters of import.

It has been a long, emotionally exhausting week, but at least it’s ending on a (somewhat) positive note now that Renisha McBride’s killer has been arrested. Writer/activist dream hampton is just one of many fighting on behalf of the murdered teen and her grieving family, and talks with Democracy Now‘s Amy Goodman about the “criminalizing of black corpses” here. Her parents speak out here.

Friend of HF (and thewayoftheid girlcrush) Moya Bailey pens an open letter to Nelly that should have the St. Lunatic in his feelings for a while. Bailey and her fellow Spelman alumnae will be on HuffPo Live Monday, November 18 to discuss it.

First Lily Allen, now Peggy Noland: when it comes to objectifying black women, white women are having the best week ever.

Oh, and we’ve been a little busy writing stuff. You can check out Evilene’s Scandal-inspired post on “homewrecker” hate for Blogher here, and Jamie’s Scandal-inspired post on gratuitous tv rape for xoJane here.

Also, we’re planning another Google Hangout soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

And now, for a little bit of awesome that’s been making us grin all day (despite only getting three hours of sleep):

Meet Batkid, our new favorite superhero.

Meet Batkid, our new favorite superhero.

And a message we can all use:


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