On bombasts and bullies.

This is yet another post I have wrestled with for days. Originally, this was to be another post about the follies of  performance feminism, in which I was going to invite women who build their brand on attacking other women (and my friends) to kiss every square inch of my beautiful brown ass. Because as much as I am tired of white feminists undermining and devaluing the work of WoC, I am really tired of certain self-serving WoC who use their bully pulpits to sabotage other brown women in the name of “sisterhood,” and have seen enough of that this year to last me a lifetime.

But ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

Besides, most takedown posts–no matter how honest–have little impact on the reputation of their targets. And they don’t make said targets any more remorseful or reflective. If anything, it adds to their legend. It lends credibility to their carefully crafted narrative. It turns villains into superheroes. Better to let them continue getting high from their own supply, to let them claim victimhood as they hide their own bloodied hands. Sooner or later, the mask will slip and people will see you for what you really are.

And with that, back to business.

Next Thursday (November 7), Hood Feminism–along with few of our friends–will be hosting our first Google Hangout on pro-blackness, respectability, and colorism. We’ll be kicking things off at 7pm EST. If you’re interested, come through. We’d love to have you.